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Sound and Bringing Media into your web pages


  • Intro to Sound. Bringing Audio into your sites.

PDFs of sound lectures


  • Audio Assignment
  • Examples
    1. A Simple Mash Up example, using Audacity blend a beat from one song into the start and end of a full second song. Here is a screenshot of a typical waveform
  • Note: to export as an mp3 from audacity, you need to have this .dylib file available on your desktop to load into Audacity. I will model in class
  • 2. An original composition in Garage Band using loops is modeled in this example.
  • 3. Online converter You need to have both mp3 and ogg files in your submission. For your garage band project, since you can't export as off, use this resource.
  • How is the design of your site shaping up? Take a look at the styling of some of these basic professional sites and if yours feels undeveloped, use one as a inspiration, or a design goal to work toward.

Free Music Resources