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Foundation and Planning


  • Class A Foundation and Planning
  • Class B Site Maps, Production Process.

Due This week

  • Vacation Website:
  • To submit this assignment and all others:
  • 1. Upload your site in a folder to your sws server.
  • 2. Retrieve that link and paste it into a Word or text file.
  • 3. Submit that Word or text file to the drop box in D2L.

Homework Due Week 4

  • Instructions: Site Planning Assignment
  • This assignment is the foundation for your final project. Your project can be a personal portfolio site, or a site for a business or product. Before you start the design of your site, I'd like you to complete the above assignment.
  • You are asked to define site goals and identify a primary audience, as well as create a visual sitemaps and wireframes for both desktop and phone. It also asks you to design a logo, and include a color scheme. You can create a palette of your own or find one suited to the style on Adobe Kuler.
  • This week's lecture pdf provides some sitemap examples
  • This template can be used as a starting point for your desktop and phone wireframe.
  • This completed template of a home page wirefream can be used as a reference.
  • Here is another more extensive example, that includes more devices. You don't need to go into this amount of detail.
  • Please submit your assignment as a word document to the dropbox on D2L. Make sure to place the wireframe and sitemap images in the Word Document.


Design Inspiration Links - Good stuff here!