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Week 1 - HTML5 Features Overview


  • Class A Semantic Web, Geolocation, API, and Webstorage
  • Class A Video Conversion: Download zipped file of to convert to MP4 and OGG formats. Place on webpage and view in Safara, Chrome and Firefox.
  • Download Flexble Video Header zip: Download zipped video set up in an HTML page Create video header. Design a logo as either an image or using CSS. The name of the logo and page should include both GCOM368 and Advanced Web Design. Place logo so it overlays video (it is set up to do that with text in there already). Using font styling consistent with the logo, style the page to receive content with headers and body copy placeholders.
  • Class B Canvas


Reading HTML5 Overview and Semantics

Reading and Code for Rich Media support

Reading Geolocation

Reading APIs Overview

Reading Web Storage

Reading Canvas

Reading and Examples Drag and Drop