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Week 3 - PHP - Creating Dynamic Web Pages


  • Class A A PHP include
  • Class lecture notes
  • Highlight.js script resource
  • Class B A PHP include continued
  • In this unit you will build a multi-page website using PHP includes for all the common areas. Additionally, you will learn to activate the current menu using either CSS or JavaScript.

Due Tuesday

  • Your scrolling website with a parralax feature is due today. Please submit your url to the dropbox on D2L.


  • Adapt your own site, or create a small PHP based site. If you opt to create a new site, please review the content and plan with me.

Example Site



  • My videos are available on itunes. Following is the link:

    Once there clicking on the blue links "View in iTunes" will allow you to do so. If you don't have iTunes installed it's easy and free.

  • 06a_PHP_Intro.mp4